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Telmar is a small, boutique consulting group focused on ERP systems and related technologies. We concentrate on Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft SQL Server.

Our true passion is planning and developing enterprise-grade data integrations. Removing manual data entry from a process is rewarding for everyone involved.

Data Integrations

In today’s world, your company will inevitably adopt multiple, disconnected systems to meet the needs of the business. Payroll companies, managed inventory providers, time tracking systems, industry-specific verticals, websites, CRM, customer portals, and contract management are but a few examples.

Telmar’s extensive experience with data and databases enables us to understand each related system and develop a holistic plan for tying them together effectively. Our goal is simple: reduce human error, reduce labor costs and increase coherence between the systems. The result is smoother operations, better data, and less disruption from employee turnover.

The purpose of a computer system is to gather data, process it, and report it. The less effort you put into gathering or inputting data, the lower your cost will be. The same applies to reporting and exporting data; removing a human from the process adds efficiency. Integrations automate these tasks where possible, reducing or eliminating redundancies.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Our extensive experience with Dynamics GP, dating back to 1995, enables us to deliver best-of-breed solutions to our clients. We are a full-service Microsoft reseller with a passion for Dynamics GP. We help our clients understand their system, while optimizing it in a cost-effective manner. Our goal is to leverage existing investments when adding automation where it is most beneficial.

We support existing environments, provide custom reporting and maintenance, and can help with implementation and training. Additionally, we are able to provide licensing for Microsoft and related third-party products.

We believe that a finely-tuned solution is substantially more effective. As a result, we provide user interface customizations using both Dexterity and .Net, integration services to automate data delivery to/from Dynamics GP, and creative data solutions using Microsoft SQL Server and our in-house developed Telmar Template Import tool.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is our database engine of choice. In most organizations, it sits quietly in the background, serving up data dutifully. However, it is important to provide a SQL Server with the care and feeding it needs. We have developed a solid process for maintaining your data, providing peace of mind. We manage and monitor a multitude of SQL Servers using our process:

  • Automated Backups
  • Configuration to ensure proper disk space management
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Automated status reporting developed from years of experience
  • Monthly or Quarterly Testing of backups and recovery plans

We also help with SQL Server installation, VM sizing, performance issues, troubleshooting, security, and implementing best practices. Our understanding will benefit your organization.

Project Management

Our extensive experience with implementations, development, deployment, and specialized projects enables our team to provide leadership to a wide variety of projects. We work with groups and companies to pull together a project that can initially seem overwhelming.

  • Implementation Projects: Software implementation projects generally impact many people within the organization, increasing both the risk and impact of failure. If the project is not properly managed throughout the cycle, various scenarios commonly arise that ultimately result in an unsuccessful conclusion. We understand the specific risks involved and will work with management to ensure all parties involved maintain an interest in the project’s success. Additionally, we track and follow up on the countless tasks and assignments involved in such an endeavor.
  • Development Projects: Custom software development is not a simple process. Many organizations are unwilling to consider it an option because of the perceived difficulty. With years of experience providing custom development services to our clients, we know what it takes to be successful. We apply this experience to your project, ensuring that your development resources are properly tasked, stay on schedule, and deliver solid results. Additionally, if desired, we can provide technical assistance during the design process, ensuring the project’s potential for success.
  • Deployment Projects: Even turnkey solutions require substantial input from the system’s future users to ensure success. Countless software vendors will promise a simple deployment process, leaving the customer to discover all the missed details. Our experience with software and systems allows us to work with the vendor and your organization to ensure that the vendor stays on schedule and does not miss any deliverables. Frequently, these deployment services are offered as a fixed-fee arrangement, leaving plenty of opportunity for your organization to get more from the new vendor without incurring additional charges.
  • Specialized Projects: Telmar’s experience with all manner of projects makes us the go-to group when you are faced with an obscure undertaking. We have helped with organizing complex moves, data conversions, system/vendor selection, documentation, and process development, among other things. Our dedication and commitment ensure that the rarest of projects wrap up successfully.