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Partner Spotlight: Impacts of a Data Breach

by | Oct 7, 2022 | 0 comments

Nodus, a valued Telmar partner, has provided an excellent summary of the key points management needs to know about the impacts of a data breach. It is easy to pretend this won’t happen to your company, but it is best to assume it will.

We have trusted Nodus for nearly 20 years and are impressed with their clear understanding of security in the age of electronic payments. Please contact Telmar to explore your options with Nodus’ solutions. We can share information on webinars or arrange for a live demonstration of their solutions.


The world we live in today has gone digital. Nowadays, we can send communication almost immediately across the world and conduct business with anyone regardless of their location.

However, with the added benefits of our new digital world comes the risk of the digital data falling into the hands of criminals. One of the biggest types of data that is especially vulnerable is payment data, like credit card information. Merchants who accept credit cards as a form of payment from their customers are responsible for protecting their customers’ cardholder data. If a merchant were to jeopardize that sensitive data, they could face some huge impacts on their business, including:


    1. Financial Impact: If a company experiences a data breach, they can be fined for the loss of the data. Depending on how many records were lost, this could add up to thousands or sometimes millions of dollars.
    2. Customer Loss: A data breach can cause current customers to lose trust in doing business with the company, especially if they were directly impacted by the data breach. The product or service could be what they are looking for, but they will think twice when conducting business again in fear of the risk.
    3. Brand Reputation: The publicity of a data breach can hurt a company’s reputation and discourage customers and other vendors from doing business with them. So, a data breach can not only hurt the relationship with current customers, but also impact the number of new people willing to do business with the company in the future.

Recent data breaches have put both large and small companies on high alert. A data breach can not only harm a company financially, but also damage their reputation and impact clients’ trust.

Companies need to proactively explore and implement measures to protect against payment security risks and reduce the impact that a data breach can have on their business.

Did You Know?

Telmar has partnered with Nodus to offer clients payment processing and AR automation solutions for Microsoft Dynamics. For more information on how to securely process electronic payments from your customers and minimize the risks of a data breach, contact Nodus today.


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