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How to Use Dynamics GP Smartlist to Verify GL Account Settings

by | Oct 27, 2022 | 0 comments

SmartList is a great way to review and export simple data in Microsoft Dynamics GP. A great example of SmartList’s simplicity is to review the Posting Type setup prior to running the year-end closing process.

In our article covering the Simplified Year-End Closing process, Step 2 is Verify Posting Type on all GL Accounts. It is critical that each GL Account be properly classified as Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss prior to closing the year. How can we do that efficiently? One method is to use SmartList.

Viewing All GL Accounts Using SmartList

Step 1: Open SmartList

Click on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Button in the menu bar and choose SmartList.


Open SmartList Window

SmartList Window with nothing selected

The “SmartList Window” opens with no object selected. You can drill into any folder from here.

3 Things to Know About Smartlist:

  • You can choose what columns you want to display.
  • You can search any of those columns using powerful comparison operators based on the SQL Server database engine.
  • The default settings limit SmartList to 1,000 records.

STEP 2: Expand the “Financial” folder to find the “Accounts” object.

The “Accounts” object is in the “Financial” folder. Expand the “Financial” folder and select “Accounts”.

SmartList with Accounts object selected

Choose the “Accounts” object under the “Financial” folder

STEP 3: Add Main Account Segment Column

The default “Accounts” object in SmartList does not include the Main Account Segment column. However, you need this column to simplify your search for accounts configured with the wrong posting type. Adding a column is straightforward if you know the name; for this exercise, we are looking for Main Account Segment.

Add Main Account Segment column to SmartList Accounts

Follow the steps outlined above to add the Main Account Segment column.

STEP 4: Confirm you have all accounts.

SmartList limits the search to 1,000 records by default. In our example, there are 535 Accounts, so we do not need to worry about expanding the search.

SmartList Record Limit Exactly First 1000 Records no search criteria - Dynamics GP

Our result of 535 Accounts is less than the default limit of 1,000.

If you have more than 1,000 Accounts, you can change the limit in the “Search Window”.

SmartList Search Window Adjust Limit

Use the “Search Window” to override the default SmartList Maximum Records Limit of 1,000 records.

STEP 5: Review the Posting Type for Each Account

Now that you have a listing of all the accounts, you can sort them by the Main Account Segment column and scroll through very quickly to find any mismatches. You can also export to Excel if you are more comfortable with that tool.

SmartList Window Verify Posting Type for Year End Close - Dynamics GP

In this example, the Cash Account is configured as a Profit and Loss Account. This should be corrected before year-end close.

You can double-click on an Account for easy access to the “Account Maintenance Window”. That features makes short work of updating the settings.

It is common for Dynamics GP users to miss out on opportunities to be efficient when performing various tasks. We commonly hear from clients that did not check critical data because they thought it was too tedious. This post shows an example of making short work of an otherwise lengthy process.

If you feel like you would benefit from learning more about being efficient in Dynamics GP, please reach out to TelmarContact Us. Our experienced Dynamics GP Consultants can help you learn more about your software and make the best use of your time.


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