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How to See Who is Logged into Dynamics GP

by | Jan 17, 2023 | 0 comments

Have you seen this message: “The maximum number of users are logged into the system”? Dynamics GP limits the number of logged-in users based on your license count; if your system has a five-user license, the sixth user will see that message. Trying to figure out who those users are can be frustrating and time-consuming, particularly with remote workers. All you want to know is who to kick out so you can do your job.

In this article, you’ll learn a few simple steps on how to identify who is logged into Dynamics GP, and if needed, delete their session.


3 Simple Steps to Identify Who is Logged into Dynamics GP & How to Delete Their Session

  1. Navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GPToolsUtilitiesSystemUser Activity
  2. On this window, you can see all users currently logged into Dynamics GP.
  3. To Delete a session, highlight the user and click Delete.
Dynamics GP User Activity Window shows who is logged in currently.

The “User Activity” window shows details about who is currently logged into Dynamics GP.

A Word of Caution

Deleting an active user’s session can lead to damaged data. If a user can log out on their own, then they should log themselves out. All users should be trained to exit Dynamics GP when not in use to prevent these issues from arising.
If users are continually stranded in Dynamics GP, and need a reminder to log out, consider creating a report to email them automatically when they have been logged in too long. This type of helpful reporting is an example of the services Telmar offers to make Dynamics GP a more effective tool for our clients. Please Contact Us today to learn more about what sets us apart.


Learn how the Telmar Team can help!
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