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How to Change Your Password in Dynamics GP

by | Dec 28, 2022 | 0 comments

There are multiple reasons to change your password in Dynamics GP. If you suspect that someone knows your password, or if your password was just issued to you, it is a good idea to change it to something that only you know.

In this article, you’ll learn how to change your Dynamics GP password.

To begin, you will need your old Dynamics GP password. If you do not know your old password, you will need to contact your Dynamics GP support resource. They can reset your password using administrative privileges.

STEP 1: Open User Preferences

Navigate to the “User Preferences Window” in Dynamics GP.


How to navigate to open user preferences in Dynamics GP

Use the Microsoft Dynamics GP Menu to navigate to the “User Preferences Window”.

STEP 2: Change Your Password

Click on the Password Button to open the “User Password Setup Window”. On the “User Password Setup Window”, enter your Old Password and press the TAB key to move to the next field. Enter your New Password, press TAB and enter your New Password again.
Note: The New Password field is disabled until you enter your Old Password and press TAB on the keyboard.

Dynamics GP Change My Password Screen

On the “User Password Setup Window” enter your Old Password. Press TAB. Then, enter your New Password, press TAB and enter your New Password again. Click “OK” to accept the New Password and click “OK” again to close the “User Preferences Windows”.

Did You Know?

The “User Password Setup Window” is much easier to work with if you press the TAB key to move between password fields. 

Dynamics Change Password Screen

Step 3: Log out of GP to Update Your Password in SQL Server

Click “OK” on the following window, and then log out of GP to make the change take effect:
Dynamics GP Password Change Confirmation
Do I need to log out? GP does not actually change the password in SQL until you log out; taking the time to log out right away will ensure a smooth experience resetting your password.

Protecting Your Dynamics GP Data

Strong passwords and user-specific logins are an important part of protecting your data. Even a very basic Dynamics GP login can be used to compromise the integrity of your data.

Pick a password that you do not have to write down, but is different than any other password you use. Using a password manager is very helpful when dealing with the plethora of passwords we have in our world today. If you must write down your password, do not include the whole password; some form of abbreviation that only you understand is preferable.

Passwords are Frustrating

If you are struggling with resetting your password, contact your support resource. If it is still an issue, please contact us for help. Telmar has plenty of experience to help you understand why your Dynamics GP password is frustrating.


Learn how the Telmar Team can help!

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