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Why Telmar

Telmar is a boutique software consulting company focused on Microsoft’s technology stack, including Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft SQL Server. We have been providing services to small and medium-sized businesses since 2005.

We have a long history of providing solutions that use technology to automate routine tasks, reducing errors and allowing for growth without adding staff. We understand that every business is unique, requiring a tailored solution to meet specific needs. We do not rest until the project is complete and continue to provide support indefinitely.

Our Passions

Solving complex problems after others have given up; slogging through immovable roadblocks; persisting through the project completion. It takes a genuinely passionate individual to accomplish these things.

At Telmar, we thrive on challenges that require that kind of passion, and we believe that everything is possible. “We can’t do that” really means “We should ask Telmar.” It might not be easy, but we will get it done.

Our Commitment

Your success is our reward. We work tirelessly to ensure you have the best opportunity to prosper. Our commitment:

  • Attention to detail – your needs might include both macro-level goals and micro-level subtleties. We will use our talents and skills to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed.
  • Professionalism – we are a professional service provider; our actions, communication, and delivery will exceed your expectations.
  • Consistency – we endeavor to provide remarkable service to every client every day.
  • Quality – we aim to deliver the correct solution the first time.
  • Compassion – part of being a boutique is understanding the impact of a problem. Credit goes to Theodore Roosevelt for saying: “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”